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Whoever has been dieting knows there’s several way to lose weight. But is there a safe technique for losing weight, and lose it fast?

A female from West Bend referred to as the HCG diet phase 1 Investigators and complained she had paid $1,411 to shed pounds about the HCG Diet — but rather, she had gained.

“I actually have some kind of special weddings coming and so i planned to look really good for these particular people I haven’t observed in quite a long time,” Tiffany said.

“They prescribed this medication and it also caused me heart palpitations, more anxiety, so I ate a lot more and I gained five pounds in six days,” Tiffany said.

When that didn’t work, Tiffany says she went back and was convinced to use the HCG diet.

Tiffany says she was told she could lose 40 pounds in 43 days by eating 500 calories every day and giving herself a daily injection of HCG, the hormone women’s bodies produce during pregnancy.

Lindsay Carmody opened Forward Medical Weight Reduction 2 years ago. She’s helped over 150 lose 30-100 pounds.

Lindsay Carmody, a qualified nurse practitioner opened Forward Medical Weight Loss a couple of years ago. She says she’s helped a lot more than 150 people lose between 30 and 100 pounds.

“If there were issues with this, I wouldn’t practice it,” Carmody says. “I treat you prefer I would personally treat my family, myself, my friends, and when I didn’t feel this was safe and effective, I wouldn’t do it.”

Carmody says she’s seen the normal woman lose .65 to 1 pound each day with HCG, and men lose about 2-3 pounds every day. HCG, she says, targets unwanted fat on your own body. For the reason that diet requires patients only eat 500 calories per day, HCG pulls fat cells out of your body and burns them as energy as opposed to extra food. Carmody says this system is very supervised, and she meets with her patients each week to monitor their progress and listen to their concerns.

Carmody says Tiffany is definitely the first person to ever complain, or want their funds back.

“I’m out $1,411,” Tiffany says. She admits she never actually finished the HCG treatment because she began to worry it was unhealthy. “And therefore doesn’t are the misery, the body weight gain, the heartache, the discomfort that we all experienced,” she says.

“After all, that’s incredible. I have young children, and they’re with the age where they’re getting involved with activities, soccer and such things as that. And I Also didn’t need to be unwanted fat daddy anymore,” Strowig said.

After researching the program offered at Forward Medical, he and his wife signed up for your HCG treatment.

“Straight away you start out losing that weight,” he says. “I assumed ‘I’m going to have to wait two or three weeks before seeing results.’ No. You start seeing it straight away.”

The More Effective Business Bureau says it’s never received a complaint about Forward Medical Weight-loss. But as clinics such as this one become more popular, it can’t hurt to research your options.

Over-the-counter HCG items are illegal. If it’s not prescribed, and it’s not injected, don’t trust it. HCG will not be licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. Critics from the hormone say HCG diet phase 1 doesn’t make you slim down – eating fewer calories does. But Carmody says her patients’ success is proof enough that this diet works 40dexipky close medical supervision.

If you have only 10-20 pounds to reduce, a medically supervised weight loss regime may not be to suit your needs.

“It’s not healthy being fat. It’s not healthy to shed pounds fast, either. But this is apparently a good middle point,” Strowig says.

“The other day I had been at Fleet Farm and so i obtained a bag of 50-pound solar salt to set in your softener,” Strowig says. “I picked that up and so i was like this is exactly what I needed in my body i just lost. That had been heavy. And I was carrying that around constantly, everyday it was on my own knees, on my own body. To have that away from me as well as lose maybe another one of those particular bags – it would be incredible.”

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